Hard to get after first date?

Do girls play hard to get after the first date? Had a date, which went longer than expected and we ended up holding hands and making out the whole way back before we hand to go home. She told me she had fun and wants to do it again, and I agreed.

Shot her a text later and got no response, lost cause or playing hard to get?


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  • I can't speak for all girls but I do. Personally I wouldn't ignore a text because that shows a lack of interest, I would just take time to reply. It sounds like you two were doing good so hopefully she will reply later or she's just playing hard to get. Have patience and wait.

    • Cool, ya wasn't planning on being impulsive.

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  • No idea, could be either. Most girls I've dated have seemed interested and keen on another date after the first, but some time over the next week they seem to mostly loose interest.

    Respond as if she's playing hard to get for a while and then move on.


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  • Hey!!! What are you? a boy? Of coarse a girl need sometime and space to wonder about you b*tch. So don't just be a stalker, just wait for her to contact you. Then set another date if she do contact you. If you will try to pursue her that's a total turn off!

    Imagine it, after you date you wonder upon her that's how your Interest level goes up!!!
    So let her do think about you!!! please, have patience. Don't let your d*ck command you. You should have sex less than 3 dates if you just know how. Haha

    • Least helpful and generic PUA BS ever posted. Go back to PUA forums if you're going to spew that nonsense especially at the age of 20.

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    • No, it really doesn't. Not in the way you're thinking it does.

    • You do have a choice :) And so am I

  • Give her some time and space but if she continues to play a game walk away. Zero tolerance for games. It just shows her immaturity.


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