Why did a Girl Laugh over the phone when I asked her out on a date?

I have been going out with a girl for a couple of weeks. She left something of hers in my car and we made plans that i dropped it of by her when she got home, i went home first thinking i could make it home then go drop off her thing. As i was on my way home she messaged me saying she was home and i pphoned her to let her know that i am on my way home as we were talking on the phone about meeting up again, she wanted to go for drinks and i told her it was a bit short notice. I said to her over the phone i am goig to be bold here and lets make the next time we get together a date. She said no and laughed. She left a relationship recently and said she doesn't want to do that and not date right now, she wants to be able to be on her own first and be happy. and she started explaining to me why she doesn't want to. I told her i get it and she doesn't need to explain herself to me.

I get that she doesn't want to get into anything right now with me or anyone for that matter. (I have considered if she was letting me down easy by saying she doesn't want to date right now)

Why did she laugh at the idea? I mean we went out a few times and she said she likes this when we went out bowling and to the movies on Saturday. (not sure what that means)

Any ideas?


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What Girls Said 1

  • If you don't specify it some people look at getting together as a hangout.
    Since you officially specified that its a date this time It gave her a whole different impression.
    She's not ready for a date but it's great that you know that , so you don't waste any more time.


What Guys Said 1

  • depends on how she laughes... giggle? or some evil laugh like Cortex? :-p


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