Is it more important that he/she be nice, or interesting?

Sure hear the "boobs or butts" question from the ladies an aweful lot, and the "does size really matter" from the dudes... but what about personality? Is it more important that he or she be bend-over-backwards kind and endearing? Or smart or artistic, or otherwise intrigueing?
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When I originally posted, I thought I had a pretty firm opinion, but now Im not so sure. Food for thought, I guess 😃


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  • Just being nice can get a little boring after a point.

    So being interesting is more important. It keeps things more fun in a relationship. Though you would hope the person is also nice.


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  • interesting. bend-over-backwards kindness is tiring to deal with.

    • I'm not sure I understand? 😕

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    • Altruism is not really what you described in your question post though. There's a difference between caring for others and being a slave to others whims.

    • Hmmmm... Ok, I guess I get what you're saying... That's not what I *meant*, but I see how it could be read that way...

  • Nice, but I wouldn't date anyone that wasn't both nice and interesting


What Guys Said 4

  • I voted nice because in the long run it is going to matter MUCH more.

    A person can only be interesting and intriguing for a limited amount of time (At the beginning of the relationship). But after 10 years of marriage, there is nothing new about your partner. So if he/she stops being "interesting" I don't mind.

    But if she was to stop being nice and caring, Yeah.. I would mind.

    Besides, I'm already interesting ahhahahaha so I don't care about being entertained by someone else :)

  • Interesting, of course. Being too nice is not what I would prefer. I don't know, I think like girls that are slightly bitchy, you know, just a little.

    • How bitchy can "a little bitchy" be?

    • Well, there's no definition for it. I guess it's ok for me if she acts bitchy towards people who deserve it. If some dude is bothering her for too long and she stops being polite with him or if she outplays a player. I'm not saying that being a constant bitch is ok but always being nice is also a wrong approach in my opinion. I'm really attracted to straightforward and confident girls who know what they want and it sometimes causes them to be rude or bitchy. You can't be straightforward and always nice, can you?

  • Nice and interesting aren't mutually exclusive, as the question implies. People are usually BOTH.

    • It's sorta like the boobs or butts question... if you *had* to pick one for whatever reason, but not that the trait you don't pick has to be *wildly* lacking, just not *pronouncedly* so

  • Interesting, definetly it is more important to get a close relationship


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