How do I date several girls?

I want some good advice on meeting, flirting with, and dating several girls at once.

Second question, if you can help me resolve this dilemma: I really want a girlfriend, but I'm busy with school. I'm confident I can handle both school and one girlfriend...not so confident that I can handle dating several girls at once. BUT I hear it's a good strategy for 1) not getting too hung up on one girl and 2) as a backup strategy--if in 2 weeks/months/whatever one girl doesn't work out, I have my options.

How can I get a good dating life started, or if that's not very feasible, at least get a girlfriend while still in college?

I sense a double standard here. Girls can date other guys, but guys can't date other girls? What's wrong with a guy who wants to keep his options open?
Okay, most people here are saying I shouldn't date multiple people at once. I understand the fairness principle. But going with several girls is what "players" do right? "Nice guys" who put all their eggs in one basket finish last...right?


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  • Don't listen to these women, your absolutely right, there is no problem with dating several women at one time, women have a new guy every week so why can't men have a new girl every week? It can be done, I've done it, I used to date at least 5 girls at once, here's the problem you have to strategies where you take one girl one weekend and hope not to run into a girl your dating. That can get confusing at times. There is no real secret to dating multiple women, you just meet one girl one weekend take her out, and keep meeting other women, that way you won't to hung up on one, and you have options of which ones will not work out and which ones might, its really that simple.


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  • Who would want to date several people at once? If one of them finds out about the other (s) you can forget it. In that case you lose...and take a bad reputation with it.

    • It's just dating not a commited relationship, your supposed to date multiple people if your single, that way if one doesn't work out, say she finds another dude or there's nothing there, well you have more to choose from. Women date multiple guys all the time.

  • Well, you could think of it that way.

    Or you could think of it this way. If I was dating a guy and found out he had a few other girls on the side, I'd dump his ass, and tell those girls. I know a lot of girls who'd do the same. Neither they nor I date players. We date nice guys. So you can say nice guys finish last, but nice girls date nice guys. Only players end up with players. Or alone.

    You can keep your options open, but not by "dating." That's what hanging out and being friends with people is for.

    • OK, I appreciate your perspective. But from everything I've read, heard and experienced, girls who say they only like "nice" guys will routinely fall for a persistent "bad boy" if the opportunity arises and he plays his cards right. Girls seem to find nice guys bland, boring, and lacking sex appeal and will gladly pass one up, EVEN if they really don't want to, for a bad boy that keeps them on their toes, who they could possibly lose to another girl...

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    • I am sure you're quite attractive, if you're a good person I bet a lot of girls like you, even if they don't say it!

    • Thanks : ) Not so likely, unfortunately--never had luck with girls liking me or having crushes on me. I do try my best to be a good, easygoing person though. And I'm in a bit of a better mood from when I wrote the original question. Thanks for your encouragement and best of luck to you. : )

  • You don't date several girls at once, that's a silly thing to do. It can totally backfire and they can find out about the others and then no one will want to date you at all.

    If you want your options, you have them right NOW. Being single you can date pretty much anyone anyway, and if it doesn't work out then date another girl AFTER it ends.


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  • There's no double-standard. Girls shouldn't date more than one person. Guys shouldn't date more than one person.

    How would the second girl feel if she knew she was your "last resort"? How would the first girl feel if she knew you were "keeping your options open?"

    How would you feel if you were going out with a girl you liked, and then found that she liked another guy as well? You'd feel jealous, and you'd feel like you weren't being respected. And you'd be right.

    Stick to one person at a time, please.

  • Sorry, but the best thing to do is to keep one girl and to love her as much as you can.

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