My boyfriend isn't the same would it be wrong too leave him for this?

My boyfriend and i have been together for 5 years now.. he constantly says he wants too marry me but doesn't.. and its not like i bring it up or anything.. i honestly don't care.. it is all him.. but lately his job has been taking most of his attention every single day even on days he should've had off and then when he does have an actual day off And I've made plans to go on a couples day fun things like movies.. food.. arcades.. beach.. canoeing.. fishing.. mostly guy outdoor stuff cause I'm no girly girl.. he always invites other people to it or replaces my plans to help someone else.. he will end up spending the whole day with someone else but me... and his family is too close.. he's 24 and his mom called him to tell him to apply for another job.. there's nothing wrong with his job now.. good pay friendly people and loads of overtime and he's getting a raise.. she went on about how good this new job will be and told him that he needs to make his own life choices and not let "other people" meaning me his girlfriend and that came exactly like that from her mouth.. control his life.. i dont have anything to do with his job choices that's all him and i asked him if he was happy at his job now and he said yes.. so why would she continue pushing her job on his shoulders


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  • If he wanted to marry you. . . by now, he would have married you. This guy is saying things because he thinks he knows what you want to hear, but he is not being sincere with you. Perhaps he is not capable of being sincere with himself. Forget every word that he ever said to you and look at how he treats you; is this what you really believe is love?

    You should follow your heart into a relationship but follow your head out of a relationship. I expect you to say that you love him, but that comes from the heart what does your head tell you to do?


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  • Because she is a mother and doesn't want to accept the fact that her son is a grown man and can make his own choices. She still wants him to look up to her because that is her child. You will never be able to get around this until you eventually make this woman like you. Because clearly she doesn't, especially if she can say that you are the reason he isn't making his own choices. I deal with the same thing. Been with my boyfriend for 5 years. His mother hated me for the first 3. Its gotten easier now because she realizes that I am looking out for his best interested and not my own. Good luck.


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  • If you are not comfortable with him then you should ask some time.

    But I would give him two month to change this situation, not to leave his job of course but to change the problem.

    It's not necessary to leave him you also can ask him time just to figure out how to solve your realtionship issues


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  • It's totally up to you if you feel he has lost interest or he is cheating face him and then everything would be clear.


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