Whats the real reason women brag in the form of complaining men hit on them?

its a turnoff and i feel like they are self promoting when someone they want doesn't show them attention.


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  • Being hit on is generally assumed to be a good thing, and in some ways it is, but in some ways it isn't. For example, being bothered when you just want to go about your business, being treated disrespectfully, being intimidated, having someone ignore your, "sorry, I'm not interested" or insulting you when you reject them, etc.

    When women complain about it, they may be:
    1. Venting.
    2. Trying to explain why women may react the way they do when they're hit on (i. e. if they react negatively).
    3. Advising men on things not to do when hitting on a woman.
    4. Commiserating with other women about the negative experiences they've had.

    Perhaps some women complain about men hitting on them as a way to brag, but I think you're wrong to assume that that's the case.

    • i get it can be inappropriate sometimes. but no one asks these women and its not a thorn in the flesh they address it on social media or just to people in general. its like when the coffee shop you went to was too loud last night. its irritating but nothing to bring up or address when meeting your friends on the weekend.

    • I guess most of the places that I see it are places where women are asked about it (i. e. on online forums).

      And, I don't know, sometimes my friends do tell me stories about irritating things that have happened to them, even if they aren't a big deal. And sometimes stories about getting hit on are a bigger deal than going to a coffee shop that was too loud.

      Like, once I had a guy approach me at a bus stop and tell me, "Your eyes are as beautiful as the neon lights of [some really specific kind of car]". I said thank you and he left. When the bus came, he came back and got on it. He started hitting on me and asked me out. I told him I had a boyfriend, and he started ranting, "At least YOU have a boyfriend! At least YOU'RE HAPPY". It was actually pretty scary. Then he pulled the cord to get off and got off, talking loudly about "getting a hooker or a brain transplant". I'm not sure if he was actually waiting for that bus... he got off as soon as he realized I wasn't going to go on a

    • date with him, which made it seem like he only got on to follow me.

      I mean, that's more than irritating. I told my friends that story because it was crazy and scary. Like, you'll never believe this crazy thing that happened to me.

      I'm not very attractive, so I don't get hit on much. I imagine that attractive women have to deal with situations like that a lot more frequently. I guess that's why I'm sympathetic to them complaining about it.

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  • It is so pathetic. I can't stand when women do this. When they secretly love the attention that they are getting from the various men who hit on them but will do everything they possible can to make everyone else think that they absolutely hate the attention and think the guy is repulsive. Its a pathetic and ignorant excuse. Hate women like this.

    • its annoying. one time on facebook, this girl kept doing this and taking selfies doing model poses when she's gotten chubby from the baby she had 5 years ago.(she never worked out enough to get her figure back) some girl spazzed out on her so she deleted her and played victim. i chuckled a bit inside haha

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    • as a guy, i have to tell you that women come to me talking shit and putting down a fellow female all the time. they are so competitive and cruel. not all but many

    • Oh, trust me, I know. This is exactly why I don't hang out with more than 2 women. They are exactly like me and don't care about what others do in their life unless it effects them personally. Women are more cruel and demeaning than men are (when it comes to judging females). Its really quite sad.

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