Is my friend for the same girl or is he actually trying to get me close to her?

I will list a series of events to make the story shorter...

1. My frind invited me to a Christmas party where he introduced me this girl.

2. I felt she felt atracted to me or him.

3. He asked her out a few days later. She rejected him.

4. Comunications among them increased.

5. Every time I talked to this guy he was telling me about her. I even thought she was trying to make me jealous with him so I would make a move.

6. February 14 they went to the beach with some friends.

7. Because of that I contacted her to ask her about her churchs services and I started to attend. (She is religious so I was trying to get closer)

8. I got a new job that interfered with the church schedules so I stopped assisting.

9. My friend got sick and the pastor's wife visited him. She told him I visited the church.

10. My friend called me to ask me about that and he told me this girl played the 20 questions game on February 14 at the beach.

11. He asked me if she knew I went to the church. I said I never saw her and he told me what days she is there. (for what)

12. He told me he barely talks to her now and that she stopped talking as frequent with him when I contacted her.

13. He said he asked her about what I talked to her and she refused to say.

12. He invited me to go to church one of these days and I said yes.

So basically I am confused... she rejected him and then was trying to know him better? I sometimes feel like he is trying get me closer to her. I have no idea of what is going on. Any comments?

  • he is trying to get me closer to her
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  • he is after her and tries to make me aware of that
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  • He's helping you.


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  • i doubt it... do u know if yer friend does this wid gals? i mean... is he chasin gals generally?

    • I don't really know but i think he does for what he says