She decided to let me go even though we were in love, she rebounded behind my back, now is second guessing.

We dated for 15 months and we were still together for 5 months after that. I didn't have to do anything she was the one who flirted with me and got my number, I thought it was perfect it was so easy until I learn after she leaves me that is how she is with guys it made me feel like sh* 15 months into the relationship I break it off I see her dancing at a club with some guy I tell her how can you do that when I am in the same place what are you going to do when I'm not there? it sorta broke my trust we fell in love in only 3 months into dating, we never loved anyone before that we both were first loves, I never dated before becuase I wanted to wait for the right person to fall in love with sounds cheesy but I'm serious I'm 20. She couldn't bear to not be with me and I couldn't either I wanted to marry this girl it felt so right to be with her all the time.i decided lets stay the same as we are and work this out until I'm ready to date you again. it kinda lingered out we still did all the same thing couples did I still hung out with her everyday she didn't need a job because I paid for everything I spoiled her with gift because I loved to her so happy, it never bothered her or I that we still wernt together after 5 months she knew I loved her and she loved me, until recently she kinda started going out with other ppl(not guys) then it became a habit of dtiching me weekend after weekend day after day I knew somthing was wrong but I never asked because our love felt so right, its been about 3 weeks since she started that, I find out yesterday she has a boyfriend and has had one for 3 weeks, I was devastaded she let me touch her do things for her love her unconditinally while she went behind my back she admits its a rebound because she misses a real relationship so I say okay lets get back together, we work things out we have great makeup sex the next day I call her and she says we can only be friends, I go to her house I take all my sh*t from her room, the promise ring I gave her and a poem she pulls me and pushes me away from leaving saying those things are mine, I say why they don't mean anything anymore I'm walking out of your life how could you take love for granted you betrayed me.she calls me today and says she broke up with that guy I feel a little bit more relaxed until she calls me again and says she needs a break from me too so she can get rethink things she tells me she will never find someone like me or anyone that would treat her like I did. I gave everything for her I sacraficed friends jobs just so I could be with her every minute of the day, what is there to think abuot?love or somthing that started out as fake to cover how she was feeling, she knows I will love her forever but she has to decide? even if she comes back how can I forgive and accept? I want it more than anything, would it be right? she took my heart but I love her too damn much id do it over and over again...but I can't feel anything anymore I'm wrecked


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  • the same thing just happened to me. :( we were together for two years. I don't know what to do... I will always have feelings for him but I'm not sure that I want to put myself in that situation again.


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