One out of every four houses/apartments is said to be occupied by a single occupant choosing to live alone... Pros and cons?

Just to get the ball rolling...

Can do the dishes when you damned well feel like it
Can do pretty much whatever you want in any room
Only ever ever ever have to clean up your own mess

It'd be hard to explain to judgmental people, which would only ever really be a problem when it came to your parents or something...


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  • Decorate however you like, walk around naked all the time, pretty much just do whatever you want! I loved living alone.

    Cons are that it could get lonely. Safety was really my biggest concern.

    • O... Did you live in one of *those* neighborhoods?

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    • No. I thought yours was the most insightful because I *never* would have thought of that 😊

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  • Pros: You can go on your timtable especially in regards to sleep.
    Cons: Can get lonely

  • I once lived by myself and it was awesome! Not one person ever judged me negatively about it. In fact most were jealous because I didn't have roommates or parents around.

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