Is it ok to confirm a date the day?

before the date will actually happen or like 5 days before? I will get together with a guy I met 2 months ago but until now we are practically will see each other in person after those 2 months. Last week on Satruday we were talking about going out but we agreed that this wweek we were going to go out. Last Saturday we did not set details where are we going to go or what time he will pick me up, ause that can be arranged the same day of the date. We just said we are going to go out. The idea is that the guy will pick me up at my sisters house because he can't really come to my house to pick me up and coincidentally my sister lives in a town near from where he lives so I suggested the guy I will sleep over my sister for the weekend and he can pick me up at my sisters house but I have to check with her and I will let him now, he said ok. That same Satruday I checked with my sister ahead of time and asked her and she said yes I can sleep over but I never let the guy know that because he will think that If I answer him right away after my sister told me that he may think im kind of desesperate or persistent to go out with him so during all this week I haven't talk or text to the guy or viceversa.

Today my sister asked me if I was going to her house this weekend or not I said to her let me answer her tonite when I talked to the guy then my sister asked me: So you never agreed to the guy u were coming?
I told her that I will answer her tonite. The thing is that when I talked to the guy one week ago I told him first I have to check with my sister if I can sleep over sure she said yes but I did not telll him that right away I did not want to spund desesperate to him, I wanted to give him some time for intance to find out my sisters decision, even though I alreayd knew the answer but the guy does not know that. I am planning to call the guy tonite and tell him that my sister said yes and told him that just yesterday I could get a hold of her that is why I did not call him earlier in the week.

I just want the time to pass by so he can't think Im coming to strong that I wnt to talk to him every day or every hour. So is the reason why I will confirm with him tonite and I did not do it like 5 days ago and then call my sister once the guy and I already set everything. I hope the guy just won't forget.
My sister is questioning the guy without even knowing him, because she told me how come you did not set the date already one week ago after I told u yes you can sleep over. But I told the guy I will check with her first for what is worth the guy does not know or have a clue how did it take me to contact my sister, it could had happen immediately I hang out with him or it could had happen lets say yesterday, either way the guy do not know since I told him I let him know when I talk to my sister


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  • You should have told him sooner. You shouldn't have left him hanging like that. It would not have made you sound desperate to let him know when you found out. People need to get over this way of thinking. You should put yourself in the other person's shoes. How would YOU have felt if he made you wait so long for an answer? Personally, I would have thought he just wasn't that interested and I wouldn't sit around wasting my time waiting to see what he wants. Being straightforward and honest is actually a good thing and something we all should practice.

    • And, it's OKAY to talk to each other each day. Waiting a whole week makes you seem disinterested. What you did COULD actually hurt your chances with him. There's a difference between being clingy/desperate to being attentive/considerate.

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    • I guess i won't question him why we wotn go out by ourselves but his plan is better than nothing upps!!

    • Now he is giving me the run around I i texted him inb the afternoon of yesterday and he told me he believes the date is on but we are going to a different place but since i was at work when I cll him I told him i call him at night to set things up better and he agreed. So it came at nite I call him he did not pick up the phone maybe he as out when I call him then he texted me back and told me he was cooking and fixing dinner and he willcall me and guess what he never did thatnite I dont know if for him was very late to call me and he did not but now is morning and Im still waiting for his call. So ten why he told me to call him at nite and when I did he could not answer and when he did answer he told me he call me but then he did not call me that nite either I dont understand him

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  • better SOME hrs before date occurs... so u can b 100% sure :)

    • That is one of the the reasons I did not call the guy the moment I knew about my sister one week ago because the moment I hang up talking to him I call my sister and she said yes. That he did not know I just told him I wlll check with my sister and for what he may believe he could think I could know an aswer from my sister the day after, a day of this week, etc so im calling him until tonite and will tell him that until yesterday I could get a hold of my sister the reason why I did not call him earlier in the week. Will that be fine If I tell him? I just do want to get out with him, I like him and I want to see him again I just hope he is nor forgetting that the date will possible take place tomorrow Saturday. You know many guys forget things and hey may had other plans but he may not have plans either.

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