I met a guy online, but he's muslim and my family is christian and aren't going to like it?

Whenever I meet a guy I like there's always something in the way 😞. This time its religion. I met a guy online who's muslim but from my country, so we have very similar cultures and from a similar social state. My family is very strict christian and I know aren't going to be happy at all, if anything develops further with this guy. I'm agnostic and as long as someone isn't extremist religious I have no problem. I really like him. But we've been texting for only one month. But met up twice. I don't usually like people this much this fast and I can tell it could be something more soon. Problem is I'm 24 and would like to find someone and introduce them to my family. Never done that due to different reasons. If anything progresses with this guy Ill have to keep it a secret for a while at least. Should I just drop him now when its easier?


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  • since u r 24 as u say, i believe yer parents have no right to judge u... :)


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