How do I trust him, how do I stop being afraid?

I met this really awesome man and he makes me feel amazing inside. I love talking to him. I want to build something with him. But my fears are starting to appear. As he gets closer to me and as I like him more and fall for him more I get scared. I start to tell myself that he's too good to be true and he might hurt me. I don't want to be hurt again... in my pass relationships with guys I was hurt very badly and had my heart broken, cheated on, disrespected, taken for granted, used, one stole from me and I wasemotionally abused. I'm so afraid that this new guy will break my heart. I want to experience love and I want an relationship but I don't want to be hurt and used. How should I deal with these feelings?


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  • Take it one day at a time. If he is truly a gentleman you shouldn't notice any significant changes in his behavior. But if he is just putting on a front then after awhile his true self will appear. Your scared to open yourself up and I understand completely. I've been hurt by every woman I've ever dated and it sucks.. But we could either continue to put ourselves out ther in hopes of finally finding someone who respects us. Or.. We could shut our selves off from everyone in hopes we won't get hurt. But in reality you'd be hurting yourself but not taking the risk of love. Would u rather wonder what if? Or live in the experience and take it as that.. Live your life fully and lovingly.. Take risks.. You only live once

    • I'm sorry to hear that. I too have been hurt by every guy I have dated. And I understand what you're saying that I should take a risk. Its just a little hard because while I'm with him I feel peaceful and joyful but when I go home or when I'm alone with my thoughts I think about these things and how I'm scared.

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    • How is your opinion biased?

    • Lol bc it isn't a fair opinion. I don't know.. I feel strongly against being to close to people while dating someone. For instance in hs my homie was a chick I use to chill with her all the time. Nothing between us just really good friends. Then after years of people assuming things were going on well something happened again, and again and again.. So yes I'm fine with my partner being friends with a guy, but best friends, from what I experienced naw couldn't do tht

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  • Just don't get all crazy and it'll be alright, babe.

  • past is past


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