If average/below average looking men can easily date /have sex with initially unattractive women, doesn't that make things worse for initially?

Unattractive men in the dating game? Not only are most initially unattractive men are initially unattractive to attractive and average looking women but also initially unattractive women and the majority of initially unattractive women would rather be a hookup/fwb with a guy that has some physical attractiveness than to date/be in a relationship with a initially unattractive guy, even if the woman herself is initially unattractive. One may argue, "oh they can have sex, but its almost impossible for them to get into a relationship" That's still better than a initially unattractive guy. Not only is it 99% impossible for him to get a date, its impossible for him to get sex on top of it (unless he has money) unlike the initially unattractive woman.

Now I believe that the reason why a lot of initially unattractive women are disatisfied with being a hook up/fwb is because they take getting to have sex for granted. Its human nature to be ungrateful to things that are obtainable like the majority of people in western countries take having access to clean water, food, shelter etc.


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  • That's a lot of assumptions. I don't know if a generally un/attractive or average woman would want to be in a sexual relationship with a guy who is cute rather than date an unattractive guy. I think a lot of women would choose NEITHER. But if it's your opinion, then I simply disagree.

    I don't think it makes things worse unless if they're not attracted to each other. A guy that is seen as generally unattractive may be beautiful to some woman and vice versa. That's the great thing about subjective attraction--not everyone agrees about what's attractive.

    I also disagree about what it being human nature to be ungrateful. If you have no experience as to how bad it is to LACK those things, how would you be grateful in the first place?

    • If women were choosing neither , then friends with benefits situations wouldn't exist.

    • Many women DO choose neither. I said "I think A LOT of women would choose NEITHER". This leaves the logical thought that there are other women who would do as you've said (not disregarding the women who would actually choose the unattractive good man to be in a relationship with versus the friends with benefits with a hottie).

    • The women who choose neither are the ones with average to endless range of dating options. They are extremely way more powerful than the majority of guys in general except the top 10% of men.

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  • I agree with you.

    • I know its true. That's the reason why there's a lot of guys online talking about how initially unattractive they are to women... people act like they whining, making shit up, etc.

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  • Agreed/welcome to the life of an ugly guy. Where things are pretty complimented when it comes to him getting laid.

    He's either going to have to go the money route in some form or fashion, big partner down there, mop around about how he can't get laid and maybe, just maybe then 1 of these girls will throw him some PITY COOCHIE just to shut his mouth and finally he'll have to befriend __ 1st on top of having 1 hell of a personality to reel her in emotionally just hoping that she'll look past his ugliness in the end.


    • complicated *

    • I know. There was this one girl I knew in high school that was frightfully unattractive in the face, had extremely crooked teeth, but she had the body of a 10, an since she had that, she still was getting dates. Guys who are like her wouldn't be able to pull that off most of the time.

    • I agree. if a girl has a nice body most guys will date her at least, hell they might fuck around and marry her. But a guy in that same situation = ain't happening LOL.

      Life is tough for an ugly no doubt >_<

  • not that easy