Does anyone do repeat hook ups?

Talking about hooking up with a somewhat random person a second or third time, so not a friend with benefits but more of a repeat hook up. I met a girl who was very cool with it and i wouldn't mind having her come over again just to hook up and hangout since i can't even really remember it that well. Girls, do you get asked back often after hooking up with a guy you don't that well and, if so, what is your usual response? Guys, will you ever hook up with a girl you don't know that well a second time or is that against some kind of unwritten rule?


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  • I have had several friends who have had at type of situation before. They seem to prefer it when that are just wanting to have casual sex so I don't think it is abnormal. However out of the friends several would always get attached so I would watch out for that as a possible issue (that was why I could never do that type of hook up). But there were several that could have that situation and just hook up a couple of times and nothing come of it. It depends on the girl... but I don't think its that uncommon.


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