He's just a year younger and doesn't act immature but looks so kiddish?

I met this guy on a dating website. He's 23 I'm 24, so barely an age difference. I've had a crush on him just from his texts before I met him, but I've met him also and he seems sweet. But he looks like he's 17/18 I think mainly because he's very skinny but average height. I look about the same age too, but obviously feel my age. We've not held hands or anything at all when we met. When I see him face to face I feel like I'm looking at a kid. I think he looks cute though. I think he likes me but even if we kept meeting up I don't think I could ever kiss him or anything because something in my head makes me think he's too young and that its wrong. Yes, I've thought about even touching him, but even that feels wrong. Do you think I'd get used to him and not feel bad or should I just leave it because he looks so kiddish?


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  • That's like me saying "oh I don't know if I should be dating this chick because she looks like this annoying actress in a movie I hate"
    "I know that's not her, and she's not annoying, she just has a similar face, but something makes me think it's her so it annoys me still. Should I leave her?"

    seriously wtf...


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  • Well if the attraction is not there it just isn't there. I don't see it as totally wrong. You could just say you don't feel chemistry.

    There is a chance he lied about his age. I've encountered liars and manipulators in online dating myself. Girls tell me guys lie about their age, marital status, and especially height. I'm not sure how you couldn't notice he looks child-like from the photos but that can also just mean he used misleading or fake photos also.

    You don't sound too into dating at all so it's best to call things off.

    • No his photos were not misleading or at all fake. He looks the same in real life. And I am attracted to him, but just something inside me tells me it would be 'bad' of me to take advantage of him.

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    • What makes you think there's no chemistry?

    • You're been hinting at his young looks being a big problem for you so it sounds like it's enough to turn you off since it bothers you so much.

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  • My boyfriend looks like a kid too. He has a baby face, but I have no problem with it. I think you'll get used to after a while. I'd personally never leave a guy just because of that, but it's up to you. But I think you should go for it. If he's how you describe him, I think it might work out :)

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