I need quick help with this reply on Tinder?

Basically, I matched with a good looking girl on Tinder who spontaneously said:

"Would you rather fight a bear or a robot? Your answer will determine whether I sit on your face."

What the fah.. I've never received something as eccentric as that from a girl. Give me something humourous to say in reply. I'd be really grateful!


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  • 'Definitely a bear. I wrestle with my teddy bear all the time. Lol'

    • *unmatches*

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    • Oh. I guess different people read into it differently cos to me its funny cos it makes u sound childish, but it will be funny cos u r a manly guy.

    • Well i'm assuming it worked anyway cos i got the MHO.

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  • Regardless of your choice, if she likes you enough she'll sit on your face anyway
    I rather fight a bear. Bullets work.

    Sorry bear ;_;

    • You would kill a living thing over a robot? Robots will take over the world someday :(

    • Robots are harder to kill o_o
      If I have to fight one; I rather take the bear. @VictoVonDoom

    • Bears are gumans trapped in animal bodys. We all have the same life worth. Maybe if you had strong spiritual magic you could get the bears to help kill the robots.

      Robots die easy with emp.

  • Say a bear. Its much more attractive


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