Does this mean he is interested in me?

So long story short, well im going to try to make it short.

I have worked at a mall for 4 years now, and for 4 years there has been a security guy who i always thought was very cute but not really my type.
Last year i changed my job but remained at the same mall but different store. He is a customer there and he one day came in and asked where he had seen me before, i explained how i worked at a clothing store.

Since we have said Hey to each other everytime we meet, and he comes by and talks to me at work and i think he is very charming and cute. I also ran into him on my way to work on the buss once and that was nice.
But nothing big happened other than saying hi to each other when we meet at work and when he comes by to buy lenses.

I added him on facebook two weeks ago and i was abit afraid of him having a girlfriend cause than i would look like a fool , we talked when he accepted my request and few days later he came by work and we talked, than he liked two pictures of me on facebook which was sweet.

BUT on Thursday he contacted me and asked how exams were going and we talked for hours and he told me how he was not working at the mall this summer and i was like oh that sucks for me, i was trying to flirt with him :p but he didn't get it. . and than he told me how he was moving closet o where i live so i told him "let me know if you ever want to hang out" and he was like "of course, lets do it", he also told me how he was going on a interview on Friday (yesterday)

So yesterday i contacted him and asked him and we talked for hours.. like late at night.. and before i went to bed i told him how my neighbors were having a party and i couldnt sleep, and he told me if they continue making noises let me know so i can come and hold you in my arms. ..
it was a bit random and cute :p


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  • So long story short... you still used up your character limit?

    Oh, he might like you ;)


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  • Yeah it does!