When should I call this girl back?

So i asked a girl out and she said yes. I called her and accidentally said something rude and she hung up. I waited till the next day to call her and say I'm sorry. but her phone was off probably because she was at work. She must have got a missed call from me. I don't wanna call to much because I don't wanna look desperate. Also I doubt she"ll call me back. She prolly be busy the whole weekend. I feel horrible. Should I wait till school on Monday? I don't wanna call her back and have her not pick up so what do I do? When should I call. Should I even call?


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  • if you said something rude, the longer you wait the smaller your chances

    • But how do I get her to talk to me? Her phone is gunna be off most of the weekend. I don't know what else to do?

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    • But won't I look desperate if i keep calling?

    • better than an asshole though :P

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  • you should call asap.


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  • better in person bro... it'd b better i believe :)

    • But then that"ll have been a long time since I last spoke to her and which is when I was rude, which was on Friday . Also I asked her out on Friday . if I wait till Monday won't that have been too long?

    • not at all bro :)

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