Help me understand this kind of drama in friends with benefits relationships?

I was reading an article about FWBs and the lifespan of them. I'm not in a friends with benefits relationship anymore, thank god. But what I don't understand is, in the end, why do some men try to hold on instead of just letting go?

In the article is says, "The decision stage is when you do one of three things: Struggle to hold onto her without giving in, to keep things what they were"

This happened to me. No matter what I said to him he would not leave me alone but he wouldn't give me the relationship I wanted.

If you want two different things, why not just bow out gracefully instead of putting someone through emotional pain all for the sake of sex? The sex wasn't even that good...


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  • Fear of loss, fear of change. Wanting to have your cake and eat it too. Combination of those. That would be my guess.

    Personally, I'm of the mind to nip drama in the bud and avoid headaches. I can't truly understand why some people are willing to put up with so much BS. Just let it end.

    • BRUH! I cussed this dude out... twice! And he kept coming back with "I'm sorry, I'm a bad person." Two weeks later he's back calling me again.

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    • So he's one of those guy who's going to squirm into any opening you give him to get into your pants.

      Cut him off. If he calls again, don't talk with him. Tell him not to call again, hang up, and block his number. Any opening you give him to talk he'll take. He has no regard for you.

    • Thanks for MHO. Hope things work out for you ;)

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  • hmmm obviously he wanted u in an EMOTIONAL way as well :)

    • Then why not give me the relationship I wanted?

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  • Because people have emotions.

    • I have emotions, too. Why couldn't he respect my emotions and walk away instead of trying to hold on?

    • Because he's not in control of them I guess.

  • I went through the same thing!!