Is she not interested or what?

So I asked this girl out a while ago, we've been on about 6 dates. The dates went fine and she seems interested. However last weekend and the weekend before that I asked her if she wants to go out, but she's says she's too busy. This weekends she's out of town. Then she tells me she's probably too busy with schoolwork to hang out till the end of the school year, June 11th. whos really that busy they can't take an hour of their day to go see someone? I told her to text me whenever she has free time. She seems kinda interested when we text. For example she says things like "talk to you later" as if she wants to talk again.

So I think I'm not going to ask her out or even text her until she texts me first. After all she's only texted me first once.


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  • do u always initiate conv bro?

    • When textin usually. When we're actually talking in person it's abou 50-59

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    • lets say you are in my position, what would you do? I was just thinking about waiting will school ends to see if she texts me, but if not I'll send her one

    • yeah better if school ends... so things will b more free ;)

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  • she's not interested.


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