Is this almost "double date" a good sign?

I am good friends with two guys, one of which has a girlfriend and the other one of which I have developed feelings for. The former knows I like the latter, so he has been trying to be my "wingman." A few days ago, the three of us were at a school function. The guy I like chose to sat with me and my other female friends, which I took as a positive sign in and of itself because he could have sat with other friends/guys. Then the two of us found our other guy friend (the one with the girlfriend who acts as my wingman) and we started talking. My wingman friend said he and his girlfriend were going to a chick flick the following night and asked if the two of us wanted to come too. This pretty much felt like a double date. I waited for the guy I like to say something, and he said sure, so then I said sure as well. My wingman friend made a joke about "Good, it's a date!" However, later in the day it turned out the guy I like couldn't make it because he had a family function come up, so we sadly couldn't follow through with this.

What do you guys think? To me, it felt like a pretty clear double date (one couple already dating, another guy and girl coming along as another somewhat couple), and the guy I like seemed pretty interested in the idea, even though the movie was a chick flick. Should I take this as a positive sign to continue flirting/potentially ask him to hang out later?

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  • yup... although don't expect many things will happen in a double date :)

    • Thanks so much for commenting! :) & yeah I took it as a hopefully positive sign but I don't expect anything to move too fast hahaha

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  • GREAT sign!

    • Thanks so much for the response! I thought it seemed pretty positive that he'd want to hang out in such a "date-like" setting.