Who would get more dates, sex, and chances for a relationship/marriage more out of this kind of guy and this kind of girl?

The girl is frightfully unattractive in the face, and has a good body
The guy is frightfully unattractive in the face and makes little money, but has a great body.
Who would be more successful out of these two and why? In my opinion, it would be the girl, because even when a girl's face isn't attractive, she can at least fall back on having a average to hot body. I remember back in school this girl had triangle shapped crooked teeth, hair was extremely short , and she had one of those mouths that looked like a plunger. She did however, had a lava hot body and she was able to date just as much as the women with attractive face and body/no body. I also knew a guy that was in good physical shape but was very ugly in the face. He was able to get dates with overweight women though. I remember one day and his brother asked him did he like overweight women and he said not really but that's what he can get, so that what he goes after.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Yes, the girl.
    Because men usually seem to go for the body.

    • I think so to because women are more shallow than guys when it comes to the face.

    • Men prefer bodies, women prefer faces...
      Not all, but a good number of them.

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  • If it is the girl, it's because guys have low standards apparently if they'd call the girl ugly but still be with her.
    I think if the guy had a good personality he could get some.


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  • Easy, the female.

    A great body on a guy helps, but a guy needs a respectable status level as well. Especially if he has an unappealing face. Guys have multiple factors that they need to be attractive to females.

    Girls don't need a certain level of status or any exceptional personality traits.