Guys, He says he doesn't want to "call it too soon" am I over anaylsing?

So I have been dating this guy for 3 months now. I'm a very closed person, I dont like to have emotional conversations but im desperate here. So anyway, I asked this guy im seeing "what is this?" like trying to clarify what was going on with us. He got all embarrassed and said he hated conversations like this, so do I, but sometimes you have to have them! He answered me with "we are seeing each other exclusively and thats how I want things to stay for now, is that okay with you?" I basically told him thats okay with me as long as I know that we are going to go somewhere because I do really like him. He then said he "doesnt want to call it to soon" because every time he has made a relationship official it has ended very soon after and he doesn't want that to happen to us. Which, you know nice enough sentiment. I was cool with that.

A few days after this conversation we went out and everything was great and normal we had a laugh. He stayed the night at mine and we cuddled and it was all good. But he came over (I live a 40 minute drive from him) to mine today because all my flat mates are away for the next week and he was really tired, not very talkative and didn't want to do anything, he just sat on his phone on facebook and then an hour after he arrived at mine he gets up and says "im too tired, im going home to go and study because im being boring". Im a bit upset because, what was the point in coming over? I live way out rural and hate being home alone byself and I just dont get this guy. Is he being weird because I asked what was going with us? Am I blowing this all out of proportion and he could simply be having an off day?


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  • No no you're really over analysing
    It's very normal
    I mean when we guys are happy with a girl we won't play games with her
    He's being honest with you

  • He was problem havering an off day. If om at a friends and there's not really any talking or anything I isually leave.