Girls- like a guy and don't know what to do? Read this?

There are soo many girls asking questions like this. And I'm constantly commenting the same thing.
Some may disagree, but I feel obligated to say, both as a girl who has liked and dated a few guys...
If you like someone make a move! Ask him out, tell him you think he's hot and you like him, talk to him in general lol it doesn't matter how you go about it - be brave and take control of what you want!
Sure you could get rejected, but waiting for a guy to make a move and you might be waiting forever. Be confident, brave and impulsive- live a little, you won't regret it :)


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  • I tend to agree with you. While not perfect (like, don't ask out a guy who's happy in a long-term relationship unless you want to be a home-wrecker), I think if you go with this strategy you'll have less to worry and lie awake at night thinking about.
    See XKCD #458 :Regrets

  • That's great! I feel pumped and ready to be asked out! Takers?


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