How to read first date goodbye?

Okay, so I just got home from a day date. When we were setting up the date, we were debating different options, and he texted that maybe we should "start" at a particular location and then "play it by ear." So we went to this particular museum and spent 3 hours. During the date, he kept making jokes and having this sparkle in his eye, but I still wasn't sure he was feeling it. After we'd seen the whole museum, he asked if I was ready to go. He didn't suggest anything further at that point, so I took this as the date was now ending. As soon as we got outside, I thanked him for the date. He replied that he can cross that museum off his list now, and that he enjoyed it. (Bad signals in my mind, but maybe he was reacting to what seemed like a brush-off from me?) I was really nervous about the goodbye, so as soon as we got near my car, I said, "Hug?" and hugged him bye. He seemed a little stiff when I hugged him. Was he thinking that I'd just brushed him off, or was it that he just really wasn't feeling it? Should I wait for him to make the next move?

What if I just texted him later to say, "Thanks again. Enjoyed it."? Just to kinda clean it up a bit if the problem was my own signals?


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  • Possibly. From the way you wrote the question it seems like you was the one acting Unsure, insecure and generally causing the bad vibes.
    Why wait for him to make a move? I don't get why people feel the need to wait for the other person. If you want to message him and like him then do so, life's to short for hanging about.

    • Yeah, that's why I was wondering--maybe I was giving signals that I didn't like him when in fact I did. But if he *was* trying to let me down gently, I don't want to not pick up the hint. How soon would you call/text?

    • @asker I would message him a few hours after.
      You are giving me a unsure vibe so he certainly felt it also lol.
      Message him and tell him how you feel. Might be worth mentioning you are just a little shy.

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  • Hmmm, mr. vague... Nice. Seriously though, I would indeed let him make the next move, if there is to be one. Although it seems clear that there is magic, right?

    • The thing is, this was our first face-to-face meeting, so I wasn't sure if he'd be attracted to me or not. There did seem to be a little chemistry several times, though. Eye contact and smiling with standing close and laughing at jokes. And he even suggested we circle back through the museum to make sure we saw everything. But then it was like, poof, well, that's done now. Like maybe I said or did something wrong? Argh.

    • Opps, I meant to say no magic. See, think there was just the common niceties and time spent with good company, nothing more. Not from what you've relayed anyway. And just you are pointing out, he didn't seem emotionally connected or invested, so could indeed just go poof. But no matter, you were a charming date, I'm sure, and he just wasn't that guy. Highly doubtful you said anything wrong. I think you're better off.

  • whoaaa it's kinda early to ask for another date!! better wait some days :)


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  • Wait for him to make the next move.