After your first ever date?

Yesterday I spent a marvelous time with the guy I like and that I met 2 months ago. We went to dinner (h e eventually pay for both of us althiugh earlier in the day before I met him, he told me he did not have much money so I was surpirse to see he finally paid). after dinner he drop me off to my sister house (I was sleeping over) but before me entering to my sister house we stay over his car and talk and talk then we went to a tiny bbq ranch and park that was inside the condominium where my sister lives and there we talk some more. We spent like 4 hours there, talking abut everything, almsot at the end we made out like for 2 minutes, we hug, he rub my skin back, and I fetl his hand on my back and viceversa, he tocuhed my hair, and kiss my neck and then mor ehugs between us.

Now one day later, should i thank him for the amazing evening I share with him? WHat should I say to him? I want him to know that I I like him and I am attracted to him but I dont know if to say to him I like him or very attracted is appropirate to tell him after our first date. Obviously I will like to go out with him on a second date and I dont mind if I hae to go to where he s, (we dont live so close to eahc other)

He is 42 im 44


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  • You should thank him.

    • I will thank him my text anyway I think it isi ok

    • Could i say this time that I like the evening andi also say that I like him or im attracted to him? Or too sonn to tell him that? He obviously enjoy my company too he was the one who first make out with me for minutes and he as amazing kissing hehe! Also should I tell him at tha tpoint that i like the way he is he is his point of view like in a way to star a text dialogue when I thank himĀ”?