Is a drunken joking kiss forgivable?

I went on a couple dates with a guy, and we very much hit it off. he's the first guy since my fiance died that I've had that connection with. I went out with him and a couple of his friends Friday night and we were dancing and drinking which I don't do hardly ever and at some point his nephew leaned in and I kissed him jokingly. I was drunk which is no excuse but we aren't officially datingexclusively. despite the fact he was letting his friends dance with me and even feel me up, he got mad about the kiss because he liked me so much he said, andhesaidit hurt him bad. he says he has forgiven me but he can't forget and he's willing to give me another chance. And even though after this happened, hewanted me to come by and he tried kissingme, i could tell that bothered him still. He constantly make snide jokes about it and brings it up a lot too. how do I fix things, I really like him a lot and I feel really bad.

  • leave him alone for awhile despite his texts
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  • keep texting him when he does
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  • text but not see him for a bit
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  • I'd not be okay with that either, I'm confused though as to why he thought it was okay for his friends to be feeling you up while he gets offended by that. It's kinda odd to be perfectly okay with one but get really pissed off about the other. Also, I know you were drunk, but why did you let his friends feel you up?

    • I stopped it but it was attempted when we were all dancing. You know club style dancing. I found it weird too, but his response was that that was ok but lips on lips should have just been us thing.

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    • I for sure did exactly that. I'm the first one too admit when I'm wrong, and luckily I didn't tell him it was a joke, that's just how I feel it was. He told me to drop it after he said he forgave me, and I'm trying to take the jokes he jabs at me as part of enduring my mistake.

    • Well he is still with you, snide jokes are better than getting dumped so things could be worse. Just ride it out and show him how great you are. I don't actually know that you're great, that's just an assumption. But the point stands, if you're a pleasant person to spend time with then he will move past it.

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  • The snide comment would boil me over quick and I would just say one more and you won't be needing to worry over who I kiss , that's bull crap kids games

  • Was it a deep kiss or a peck?

    • It was a quick one, his thing was about the lips on lips should have been him and i only.

    • He's overreacting

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  • Text him but dont see him.