I'm the exact type of guy she wants but why does she see me as a friend?

She's white, but strangely she's only into Asian guys.

She's telling me I like the way I dress and she loves guys with strong fashion and that she likes to be with one with a lot of compatible interests (we actually do.)

She told me I look very cute have a good body (she likes skinny guys) :/

We met online 3 weeks ago and we've been texting everyday except yesterday. We did meet in rl about 4 times now.

But she told me she wants to openly meet people casually and told me she met a guy today which she found terrible.

We both broke up with our exs less than a week ago. She's very interested in hearing about my ex though..

I'm very confused.


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  • I guess she just doesn't feel the chemistry or something.

    • She mentioned she just likes to get laid by someone she likes though :/
      is she suggesting fwb?

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    • Yeah, that's what it sounds like. Is that not something you'd be interested in? I'm guessing it's not. Sorry about that /:

    • If it was just a random girl, sure I wouldn't mind having friends with benefits , but she's different.. I like her a lot :(

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  • Maybe you should be more direct with her. Tell her how you feel and work from there.

  • She is sending you signals. As a girl, a girl doesn't say "oh you have a good body" without being interested. She wants to hear about your ex because she wants to compare herself; and she definitely is sending you hints. I would ask her out, before she thinks you friendzoned her.


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  • she's not ready for a relationship maybe?