What do I do? Want to tell a guy how I feel but worried about the consequences?

There's this guy I had a thing with like 2 years ago. We was in 10th grade... Graduated now... Long story short me and the guy... I'm going to call him Scott... Weren't together but we'd text, flirt, joke around etc. Friends basically until a close friend of mine started dating him and me and the friend had a really big and bad falling out because of it. Me and Scott hadn't really talked since then until this year it'd be a hey here or he'd come in my class talking sh*t. It's hard to explain but I guess I kinda still like him and am wondering what if. And he'd always speak first and would try sitting with me, etc and sometimes it's like an awkward silence. Him and the girl were supposed to be in love and have this crazy relationship where they "try" working it out but all they doing is arguing 24/7 and they haven't officially been together in like a year + me and her are friends again. I want to tell him how I feel but I also don't want me and the girl to fall out again if he feels the same. So... Any advice


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  • better don't b afraid about consequences and tell... guess u won't lose anything ;)


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  • dont worry about it just tell him.