I'm really nervous asking this girl to hang out.

I'm really nervous asking this girl to hang out. Not because of the actual act of asking her, but because I have to wait a week (she's busy over thanksgiving break so there's no point in asking her now). Any tips or encouragement to help me from not going crazy this week? I feel like I'm going to blurt it out every time I see her this week and having to wait till next Monday is just killing me.


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  • Well, you could always just ask her out now, but plan it for next week. Like, "Hey, are you free to hang out next saturday?" That way if she says yes you can feel realieved and stop building up all this anxiety! I mean, if you're going crazy now, immagine how jittery you're going to feel in 7 days!

    • But wouldn't asking more than a week early seem desperate? And, because of the break in between, what if she forgets?

    • Not if you just ask casually. If you act desperately, it'll come off as desperate. If she does forget, which I doubt, but if she does, then just remind her the day before. "You still up for tomorrow?" "Tomorrow?" "Yeah, we're hanging out" "Yeah cool see you then : )"

      You could always wait if you want though

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