What do yal think? Any advice?

Okay, so there's this guy that moved from another close by school district that has always had a crush on me since i was a sophmore year. Back then i thought it was cute that a freshman liked me. That was until i learned that we were the same age.. Then he got taller, and actually looks like my agemate.

I moved out during junior yr, but things changed and now it seems like im gonna be going back to the same school.
This year im gona be a senior, and he's gona be a junior.
So i wanna know.. What do you guys think of this situation

Does grade level really matter or does age? (Both)
Would you go out with someone a grade level lower than you (girls only)
What advice do yal have for me?

When im around my friends, i dont show that i like him. But he def still shows that he likes me. (We go to the same church, so i still saw him around even in jr yr)

  • Give him a chance when he dares to ask; don't care about what your friends say
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  • Forget about him; grade levels make a huge difference
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  • Hide your feelings and go with the flow
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  • Hide your feelings and act like you feel nothing.
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  • Remember you don't have to wait for him to ask. You can ask him. You being a senior probably scares him as much as him being a junior to you


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  • if he is your age do it


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  • If he ever takes the chance of approaching you, give him a chance.

    • takes the risk of*

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