Is she "into" into me?

Ok so I met this girl on tinder about 3 weeks ago. We chatted for about a week or more and finally met up for a first date. I picked her up from her place and took her to a Panera Bread as its an easy place to chat with decent food. We ended up talking for 3-4 hours there (wow time flew) and we hit it off really well! This lead to us going back to her place where I met her roomate and her 2 fat cats. We chatted a little more and I showed her some skateboard tricks I could do (Saw an old skateboard in their doorway and was like look what I can do. I then hugged her and kissed her good night. (I said sorry as I misjudged her not being into it, and she said "Why?", so i played it off)

Well after about another week of conversing, she agreed to the second date, in which I planned a cool hike at a lake near where I live. I found out the weather was going to be bad so I asked her if she was willing to get down and dirty with some muddy hiking, or if she wanted to do something else, to my joy, she said she was down for it and that she had some waterproof boots. Now maybe im just overanalyzing or thinking it, but I should be psyched she wants to get down and dirty so to speak, or not being scared to rise to the challenge?

And in general text and chatting, she uses the word cutie sometimes, and has snapchatted me telling me im cute/etc. And she popped in the word "hun" today. Does all of this add up? On her tinder profile she said something about looking for "fun" but this seems like it could become something more. Is it weird to ask her what she's looking for, in both a relationship, and a guy? For the most part I have not become desperate and dont feel as if I've been chasing her, I've just been out of the dating game for a little bit and needed some advice.

TL:DR - Met hot girl on tinder, arranged first date, first date went really well, she agreed to the second date, its a hiking trip, Is she into me, or am I going to get burned in the long run?


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  • Seem like she is into you and Yeah you can ask what's she is looking for in a guy


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  • You are going to get burned in the long run / or hike if you don't wear sunscreen when you go on that hike.

  • Yeah definitely into you, thouth I advise you to not get your hopes up.

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