Another guy stole the girl I loved from me, what do I do?

We dated for seven months, I treated her like royalty, this other guy started talking to her while we were dating and then she dumped me, they now like each other but I know this kid and it will not last between them. I still love her and I want her back. What do I do?

Thanks everyone I really appreciate the advice


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  • Just move on and forget about it is the best thing to do. The more you try to convince her that he is wrong for her and you are right for her, the more she will move away from you and towards him.

    You can't convince a girl with logical argument to be attracted to you. Attraction is not a choice.

    You treating her like royalty, is likely to be one of the biggest causes of her becoming less attracted to you and choosing someone else. You can't just buy them off by giving them waht they want all the time. You aren't showing that you are a challenge. You are showing that you you are easy and that she could have you back if she wanted.

    If she could have you back so easily, then you aren't very valuable are you. What would a valuable guy do if a girl broke up with him. Of course he would just find another girl as he would have plenty to choose from.

    A girl dumps you, goes of and gets with some other guy? You shouldnt even want her back after that.

    And you think that her new relationship won't last so you are going to wait it out? That is kind of sad man. You don't know if it will last or not. Maybe it won't last but that doesn't mean she will want to be with you again. Also if she did get back with you after the guy is done with her, it would only be temporary because she isn't finding you as attractive as other guys.

    You have to change the way you are with girls. They may say they want to be treated like royalty but that's not really what they want. They want a strong guy whos doesn't give them everything they want, who they can talk to and be themselves with. Someone they feel safe with and who they respect. You can't respect someone who kisses your @$$ now can you.

    The best way to get her back is to show her that you are desired by other girls. And the way to do that is to date other girls and live your life without constantly thinking about the girl who dumped you.


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  • first of all you should re -phraze it , he didn't talk to her..She talked to Him!

    while she was with you that means its kinda cheating, not really but I would consider it as cheating.

    second of all , she left your for someone else that measn she didn't even cherish the relationship you ve got with her, which means she isn't worth fighting for.

    third of all, looks like she is not sure of what she wants, am assuming she's young and immature, if you want a steady relationship then this isn't the gurl to be with.

    last thing, I say drop her and let go! if she still likes you, believe me she will realize that she made a mistake and come back to you and you can take it from there whether you'd like to be with her or not!

    • I suggest in the future that you look at the situation with your significant others more diligantly. If you assume because someone talks to the opposite sex, you will push everyone away =(

      Granted, in this particular situation where the other individual was talking to someone and THEN moved on- you are correct; however, I disagree that for the sole purpose of them talking to the opposite sex that one should simply move on. I appologize if I misread =)

    • No I meant if they re "talking talking" like not just as friends talking, cause to me once you start talking to someone,who you may consider being with and dump your girlfriend/boyfriend for,then yes it is considered cheating to me! at least there are intentions.

      plus the moving on thingy am saying that, because am one of the people who wouldn't want to be with someone who isn't SURE whether he really wants to be with me or the girl nextdoor!

      cause I wouldn't want to be insecured! she obviously doesn't know

  • you want an honest opinion? I think you shouldnt bother with her again, yeah harsh I know, but if she can do that to you what makes you think she won't do it again to you...can you honestly wait for her? you shoudlt put your feelings to a halt for this girl yeah you love her I understand that but she did this to you now she could easily do it again time after time...and cause you would be forgiving her so easily she would start using you as a doormat love. Trust me I've been one of them girls before.


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  • *Drops head to chest* - Dohh...

    I know that feeling man, trust me - MOVE ON.

    She left you for another man (which I'm glad she didn't cheat on you); however, that indicates that she wasn't ready for the level of comittment or she wasn't satisfied in the current relationship. That is a huge red-flag that means "move on". I'm sorry man, but it's her loss for the mistake.

    Find yourself a good social outing and go experience life, there will be painful moments that you need to experience in order to become a better individual and be fulfilled in your own life.

    Don't allow yourself to be walked on.

    Best regards,


  • dude same situation, except I was with her for 15 months, and they dated for 3 weeks behind my back, she dumped me she never told the reason she said I changed and she doesn't like it...but everyone says she is so lucky to be with me beacuse I am so commited. the thing is lots of girls can't commit especially at a young age, after they date you for a while she will want to try some other cakes and see if they are better, harsh I know. but don't talk to her don't txt her she will miss you and maybe come back, if she doesn't well she doesn't deserve you. it can't work both ways tho, waiting it out and not talking to her making her miss you if she doesn't then there is no need to talk about anythin...i feel your pain man I was in love for the longest time and it was my first love

  • If she dumped you while you were dating her, then she isn't worth fighting back for. Really, just move on.