After the first date?

I would be interested in hearing, some women's opinions on what women are looking for/hoping for from a guy after a first date. I'm a romantic guy and someones it seems I become too interested and the girls interest fades and other times not enough interest is shown it seems. It all depends on the individual I guess. Wheres the fine line between saying I love you after date one hahah to showing very little interest and being elusive?


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  • This really depends on how the date goes, but if you enjoyed the date let her know by sending her a text or an email that evening or the next day indicating that you had fun and would like to see her again. Once she responds and indicates that she had a great time too try to schedule your next date within a week or so of your second date. If she likes you she'll want to spend more time with you. I don't believe in playing games so I think waiting three days to communicate is bull. If you hit it off with someone don't be afraid to take the next step. But realize that it sometimes takes women more time (than men) to figure out if they like someone. It might take two to three dates before she decides that she likes you and wants to continue seeing you. I'm a believer in second dates unless the first date is a complete disaster. The second date is usually when I decide: okay, I think I like this guy. Other times I know after the first date. It really depends on the guy and our chemistry.

    On another note, I expect to see someone that I'm dating at least once a week with some form of communication (texting, emailing, or conversing via phone) in between. Once we've established that we're more than dating I expect more.

    At the end of the day, just be yourself. If a woman doesn't appreciate your approach to dating then she's not the right person for you. Hope this helps.


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  • Good question, I'll keep an eye to see what girls say.

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