I am going to be honest here now?

You know i was okay being single, its been over a year since my singlehood and its getting to me a bit that i have been single for so long. I see all these guys and girls who get into relationships just like that where i am woundering what the hell am i doing wrong, i am meeting a lot of woman because of where i work and i am not scared to approach woman or even ask them out face to face or over the phone i do understand that rejection is part of the game and when i do get rejected i can sometimes blow it off and other times it gets to me.

Look my last relationship was a controlling possessove one and being treated like crap not on my end though and i left because i thoght to myself that i deserve better than how i was being treated, lately since i started the dating game i have been loosing a lot more often than winning and i admit its hitting my confidence a bit. because i mainly run into woman who have a boyfriend or who are fresh out of a relationship and its getting very frustrating for me to be honest. I am always being myself never anyone different.

I am starting to wounder if i am doing something wrong or if there is something wrong with me that i am having little to no luck.

Did anyone go through this "dry spell" before they met someone that is right for them?


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  • it has happened to a few friends of mine.

    • do you mean a few of your friends were complaining about the same thing as me but the right person came into their life after a period of time?

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  • to be honest you get treated like crap everytime you date a girl that thinks she's better than you

    • if that's the case then why do girls date guys who "think" they better than them? then bitch when the guy leaves them?

  • Never had a boyfriend and I'm late twenties. I think there is something wrong with me too.

    • how do you feel about the fact that you never had a boyfriend before?

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    • To be honest as a man we are meant to be strong and, don't need a woman but its human nature to crave that. have you tried approaching guys? just for a casual conversation?

    • Yep and I'm told I have the body men like... But doesn't seem to do me any good.

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  • no dude... it has 2 do with luck mostly... one day u might get lucky :)