I have trust issues. What should I do now after this?

I don't trust people. I decided a while ago to try online dating. I matched a guy I never thought could mean something to me but he is awesome. No is not a catfish.

We live in different countries and even we both said we are attracked to each other, that's it. We continue talking, it is pretty amazing to be able to talk with so much honesty even when we don't agree.. it's refreshing.

But lately I started to think that he could be talking to other girls and that annoyed me, I recently start to push him away.

Since we are in different countries I should step back and find someone real, right?
I have these ideas of him talking, like we do, with someone else.. those ideas were created and now nothing can erase them, right?


Someone else?


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  • I'd tell you what to do, but you wouldn't trust me

    • Thanks for MHO. Sorry my answer sucks. If you are still concerned about this trust issue thing, I can really help some if you'd like?

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  • "We live in different countries"

    I stopped reading here.


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  • You need to find someone else.

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