He texts, or says to call him "whenever" but he never calls. Does he like me?

I had this great romantic date with a 44 yo guy about 2 weeks ago. Nice kissing/hugging goodnight. He texted me the next day and was very sweet. I called him that night and we chatted for a bit. He talked about getting together in a couple weeks but he's very busy.

He is just divorced after 15 years of marriage with 3 kids at home 50% of the week, and a job where he travels. I KNOW he's busy. I have called him 3 times in the last 2 1/2 weeks and each time we've chatted for a bit. He said "don't be a stranger" call whenever you want. But he never calls me, he just texts me and we have a few back/forth text chats. Whenever I ask him about getting together on this day or that day, there are always plans with the kids and he can't.

He occasionally says "sweet dreams" if we text at night, and always the "how is your day" text if it's in the afternoon.

My friends say he likes me or he wouldn't be texting at all, but am I just a backup plan? He seemed too new to the dating scene to be juggling lots of women and having to make up stories to support that, but now I don't know...

  • He is clueless about dating and doesn't know protocol. Hang in there for a while.
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  • He just isn't that into you, or he'd be calling regardless of the kids being there.
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  • He doesn't like you, he's bored and figures you're a cool text friend.
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  • He likes you, but IS busy. You take the lead and make the next date.
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  • I know you like him but he's got too much baggage. Move on.
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  • yes you are just a back up plan. ur something to get his mind off the stresses of his life. my advice is to leave him alone. if he doesn't make of have time for you now he never will because he not going to quit he is job, he's not going to ditch his kids and trust me the ex wife will always still be there. Don't answer his texts for awhile and see what happens. if he likes u, make him work for it. if you don't he WILL use you up for whateva he can get, even if its just ur time. and time is precious.

    • Thanks Diva girl!!! Well said and I must say...probably allll true. Hmmm. Thanks very much. : )

    • Ur welcome : )

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