What does "send me a text if you wanna hang" mean?!

so I asked this guy to hang because we had been talking for a long time and we always say hi to each other at school and stuff and so we hung out and it was okay and then he told me to text him if I wanna hang so what does that mean?


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  • he wants to put it in you. obviously for a kid ur age.

    • Do you mean put in on me like I have to make the decisions?

    • He wants to put "it" in you.

      Of course this person is jumping to conclusions.

      If he asked you to text him if you want to hang out, he means exactly that. I suppose he wants to get to know you more.

    • Yeah he proly wants to get to "know" you and then eventually play with your heart.

      be a kid. don't risk f***ing yourself over, literally

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  • He wants to hook it up with you