Would you wait for your first love?

would you wait for your first love... knowing you will get back together but just the timings not right atm or would you move on and see what else is out there let other people in? I want to to that but I'm scared he won't want me if this happens.


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  • that is totally up to you, first loves sometimes work out if they do its a wonderfull thing but a lot of times its just an experience for the two, my ex rebounded only after 3 weeks of breakup we dated for 2 years and were in love for 15 months we both were first lovers she took it so hard she had to rebound not even think things over she only thought about herself, the way she went with this guy was so fast they were doing it only after 2 weeks when I waited like 2 months, she was just needy and now she regrets it because I have moved on and I won't take her back because she was ignorant and thought of herself I would have taken her back but she really had to cheat on love

    • Omg that's exactly what I'm going throught at the moment I was with my ex for 3 years we break up his with this chick the next day and I'm feeling the exact same thing you are his the only guy I love and I havnt moved on YET but I dno wot to do

  • If I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt yes. But life can not be so predictable. Either of us could die tomorrow, and I wouldn't want to take the chance to wait.


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