What does being mature entail?

women are always saying they want mature men. or their boyfriend to be more mature. all that maturity stuff.

so what exactly is maturity defined as?

the reason I ask is cause today I made the first REAL mature decision in my life. and that was to not "just have sex" with some girl that would have been known as a hookup. there's 2 reasons why I made this decision 1. I came to my senses and realized that "just sex" hurts and I don't want to hurt girls or myself for that matter. and 2. because this girl I'm interested in, told me not to. not because she promised a date (cause she didn't) but because she herself believes that I shouldn't be doing it. and that I would be hurting myself and the girl. the girl who I was gonna have sex with told me she had another one in the same week. so she was fine with it. I really just don't want to get involved with that kind of thing

so I just would like to know what else maturity is? is it knowing when to stop drinking?. is it not cheating? is it making a commitment (for flirts that cant) I dk really you tell me. and I can work on this kind of stuff. not that I do now. just so I can keep doing it. if in fact I'm doing the right things


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  • To me: "maturity" is knowing the difference in when to be serious, and when to let loose and have fun.

    Maybe more in relation to what you're taking about: When you come to a point in your life and do what you did with the whole not to "just have sex" with someone. Realize that sex is just not "just sex," and it's a lot better when you have actual chemistry with someone - something I am just now learning myself.

    From a girls perspective, who's experience being mainly having had a lot of drunken, one night stands, with few more meaningful experiences - maturity is when a guy will take the time to enjoy you - as a person first, rather than go for another notch on their belt.

    Hope that helps.


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  • I guess it when you stop making stupid decisions, and think something through before acting.

    • Most women try to think before they act. or well least everyone should. I just kinda realized that I should be doing it more often

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