Why guys try to stand out so much?

Every guy I dated (or date) try to convince me that he's different, that he's better in sex, in relationship, etc. That other men are douchebags, while he's really unique.
All of them were good with me actually, especially sex, but everytime they said that other guys treat women worse compared to him.
So I don't know why every guy I had relationship with, tried to convince me that he's better than the other guys.
happens all the time.


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  • Well they won't get you if they don't.

    • What do you mean?

    • A man has to always compete with another man to win your heart or get into your pants. that's the reality. So a guy will always sell himself as better than the other guy. Imagine I come to you and say, "hey baby, I'm pretty average in bed and burn the vegetables now and then. Let's go for ice cream"

    • Haha ok I get

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  • I've never heard of any guy doing this...

    It sounds pretty immature.


What Girls Said 1

  • They do so because they want to eliminate the competition.

    • So does it mean they really like me? like they value being with me?

    • Probably yes.