Should I move on or give him a chance?

It's been a few months- I really like him and I've been completely genuine from the start, I hate games.
I know he wants to sleep with me, but the way he acts I can't tell if he's playing 'hard to get' on purpose because he's so hot and cold, or if he is unsure/not that into me.

I've made most of the effort recently and after he ignored a message to hang out the other day I decided I'd had enough.
He messaged me first asking to see me last night (at 10:30pm😒) and I haven't replied or messaged him since.

I feel bad because I hate ignoring people and I care about him- even though he's done the same thing to me many times.
I don't know whether to delete him from my life or not :( I'm so clueless at being single so I would love opinions from people who have been here.
should I wait and see if he messages me again? Message him in a few days? Other?


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  • If he is cold to you, then should be not so interested in this, not sure though, that may also be his personality. Anyway he asked you out, in any case you should reply him, don't take a revenge by not replying his message, that is childish and he will know that you are taking a revenge. Just go out with him if he ask you to, and be polite. U can always try and see what will happen. Don't take to serious about it, things will always change into a good way if you think less about it. Good luck :)

    • He wasn't asking me out he was asking me to come to his house at nighttime (for sex) not for a date

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    • I don't want to message him now. I tried enough and I was too nice
      I figure if he messages me this week I'll give him a chance (if we go out) and if not I'll forget him
      Does that sound reasonable?

    • give him a chance for what? If you just want him to fuck you then go ahead and give him a chance. If you want him to love you then you are being ridiculous. Lol I don't know why you even ask here, since things are so obvious

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