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I'm mentally confused about dating. Any advice?

I'm 21 years old single male who's mentally confused about dating in general. In the past I only had one and only girlfriend which approached me first and we got into relationship just only for two weeks just to only break up later on. The thing is that I'm very shy around women/girls in general and I don't find it satisfactionaty that girls/women asks me out (That only has happened once with my ex girlfriend) as I should do this as it's our guys/men job to do, I feel this way and it's tearing me apart even tho that I find it confortable girls asking me out and that's where I'm mentally confused about that whole thing.

Tho I once asked a girl out and well it was a fucking catastrphy and in general if I decide to approach girls/women in friendly manner, I always get friend-zoned as I really don't know how to move forward my actions to ask either them out or make this level more up so they would know that I would want to date them or be my girlfriend.

I also have low self esteem and I guess that's the problem and I was thinking about buying some clothes to boost it up or something like this (I saw this advice online btw) but I just dunno if it would work really...

I also have tried online dating and I don't think I'm that ugly looking guy. I want a relationship with person who doesn't live thousands of mile away and I must say that works preety well as I usually get girls messaging me back but once again I fail to ask them out to date or the conversation just stops after first 15 minutes...

I don't go clubs, pubs as well as don't do one night stands or friends with benefits as it would destroy me mentally and I'm not only looking for sex but for person who I care about a lot and have bright future with so for me it's only Relationship and nothing more even in million years.

Any advice please? And please, if you want say to me to go for prostitue just keep it to yourself and don't contribute in this thread.
I'm mentally confused about dating. Any advice?
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