Do I leave it and wait till I hear from him?

So I went on a date with a guy about a week ago. He picked me up, and we went out for a few drinks and came home relatively early because he had work the next day and had already been at a dinner. When we were both in the car together, we kept looking at each other and smiling a lot. He asked me plenty of questions about myself, what I do etc and I did the same. When we got to the restaurant/bar, we sat diagonally. At times, our knees would touch and he'd put his hand on my upper back and we definitely were 'close'. Looking each other in the eye and talking about everything. I honestly felt a connection. I'm quite intuitive so I can work out vibes quite well. He was quite 'jumpy' and seemed nervous, tapping his foot and then grabbing it sort of and slightly shaking his head-from nerves I believe. He would ask me random questions-that sort of had nothing to do with what we were talking about. At one point, he tried to guess my age and said I looked really young-not sure if a compliment or not. He asked me what I was doing the following day (a Sunday) and I told him I wasn't too sure. Anyway, him being so nice he dropped me home and I reached over to give him a kiss on the cheek and he told me to text him once I'm inside my house and to possibly let him know if I'm free tomorrow. Before I even got in, he texted me first saying it was a pleasure to meet me and that he enjoyed it. I did the same, and he basically replied saying it was the least he could do. I didn't say anything back to that because I thought I would wait to see if he would organise another date. I've noticed on social media he has liked similar photos to mine that I like, which shows that he's looking at what I like etc but..

Now this was all that happened about a week ago-and I haven't heard anything?


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  • You gotta tell him to be man and tell you how he 100% feels


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