Girls what do you think of older guys who have a baby face?

What if they were young at heart too? Would you date one? Does it make them more appealing? Would you probably forget they were older after a while?

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  • I have a baby face and it was awful! I am 23 and I never really looked older than 17... I used to get hit on by high school/teenage girls all the time, not fun... I have grown a beard and started wearing glasses outside the classroom now and I have had much better chances with the ladies and I don't get carded anymore!

    That being said, all the men on my dads side have baby faces and as you get older, it is a plus. my dad is 8 years older than my mom, but people say they both look the same age (which both upsets her and gives her pride)


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  • man dat's fuckin gr8... how a gal could dislike this?

    • I saw this comment once saying some dude looked like a kid because he had a baby face

    • it's gr8... trust me ;)

    • it's gr8 m8, i r8 8/8

      in all seriousness though, that kind of guy simply ages better than men who look full-grown by 23. By 28 they end up looking 40.

  • In for answers coz I relate

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