Girls, what type list of looks and personalities guys should have you to get in love with them?


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  • I don't believe that there is any list of looks or personalities that a man should have in order to fall in love. People fall in love when it is least expected and normally with the people they didn't expect to fall for in the first place. I had this idea in my head when I was younger about the man I was going to fall in love with. Tall, dark, handsome, charmer, understanding, sweet, romantic, etc. However, I searched and searched for this man. Didn't find him. I gave up my searching and that is when I met my boyfriend of now 4 years. He is tall, dark and handsome alright. But he is not romantic. Doesn't have a romantic bone in his body. And when he tries doing things romantic, he fails miserably. (Which I think is super cute). He isn't a charmer. He is a talker. He is understanding to an extent. And he's not sweet. he's sarcastic. BUT he's perfect! And I am still hopelessly in love with my man and can't wait to spend many more years beside him. So, with that said, I don't believe that women should put together this unrealistic man and expect him to be the perfect fairy tale prince. That's what I did, just to find out that that wasn't what I wanted at all.

    • So, you liked him because of him being tall and handsome and it compensated his personalities? Am i right

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    • thank you! you deserve the MHO

    • Thank you lol

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  • Being sweet, charming, honest and caring!

  • Nothing specific. You just fall in love with whoever your heart wants. It's not like something expected. I don't think it's actually love if there's a type. Like people who have a thing for one race or with these coloured eyes or those who do this activity. Yeah they interest you but you don't necessarily fall in love with them for that one particular thing.