She called me the next morning, now I haven't heard from her?

I don't understand what happened. I had a date yesterday and she had a great time, then she called me the next morning and I was still sleeping. She called at like 7am and I called her back like an hour later and it just went straight to voicemail. I don't understand what happened? Or even why she called so early. lol I sent her a text and she hasn't responded all day. What should I do?

I guess she's just not interested. I don't know It just doesn't make any sense.
Would a girl ever call a guy and just tell him she's not interested?


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  • ok wot she said then this morning?

    • She never left a message.

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  • Maybe she freaked out...
    Contact her three more times and leave a message throughout the week. If she doesn't get back to you... then move on?

    • I wonder why she would have her phone off all day.

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    • So will she get the text I sent her this morning when she turns her phone back on?

    • unless her phone sank to the bottom of the sea, yes she will see it once she has her phone back

  • Send her another text.

    • Well I called her about mid day and it still went straight to voicemail, so I don't know. I don't think it shows missed calls when the phone is off if you hang up before the tone.

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  • Don't worry, she may just be busy.

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