This girl I like and hooked up with won't talk to me?

We were kissing all night and holding hands, then we had sex. We were drunk. I liked everything we did, she sees it to be a mistake and she says she's sorry, she didn't enjoy any of it she said.

I told her to kiss me, and she made out with me. I didn't force her to do anything, so how is it a mistake?

She hasn't talked to me in 2 days. And as far as i know, her ex boyfriend found out about all of it, so she might be in trouble...


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  • Because alcohol impares your judgement and also is known to increase your desire to have sex, so at the time, she likely thought it was a good idea. After sobering up, she realized that it was a drunken mistake and she obviously didn't get off from the experience - which, whatever, you guys were drunk.

    An alcoholic yes isn't the same as receiving a stone sober yes, since, again, alcohol impares your judgement and makes certain things seem like great ideas. She isn't talking to you because she didn't want to continue this any further, it was a bad decision that she made when she was too impared to think clearly.

    • Well she's gonna have to because we both made that mistake together. Whether she likes it or not, we work together, and were gonna have to grow up. Thats how i see it. This effects me in no way, but she wanted it at the time, and i gave it to her. Simple as that. Sorry.

    • That's fine, but she doesn't have to work with you at all actually if she doesn't want to see you. Just because you bang someone doesn't mean they're chained to you. So, sorry right back at you.

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  • She needs to start having better judgment and stop drinking to the point where she gets overly intoxicated.
    I mean people know this (it's common sense), but they still do it any way.
    Blame yourself... not the alcohol.
    Anyway , I don't know why you are so wrapped up with a girl u had a one night stand with.
    Move on.
    As quickly as she came... is as quickly as she can go.
    I'd stop contacting her

    • Thats the problem. We work together. We were good friends before, we went out together, got really drunk, and we had sex. Nobody knows, and nobody will know.

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    • R u going to try to talk to her?

    • I'm not afraid, so if i do see her, i probably will. I'm sure we'll be ok.

  • Why would she be in trouble if it's only an EX boyfriend?

    • Because she allows him to manipulate her. She said she did everything she did to get revenge on him. But it just doesn't feel right.. She liked what we did, i know she did..

  • maybe you were a rebound and things went to fast.

    • Oh, i already know that. I was a rebound, and everything was purely a hook-up. But her saying she didn't enjoy it, it doesn't make sense.

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    • She probably enjoyed the physical part. But says she didn't enjoy it because she regrets doing that

    • thats what im saying haha thanks!! lol

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  • maybe she doesn't want anything more beyond a hook-up?

    • Exactly, but she said she didn't enjoy it. She and i both agreed it would be nothing but a hook-up.

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