I'm really stuck please help me on this?

Guy A has very strong feelings for me bare in mind I haven't seen him in over 10years, he recently got back in touch and made his feelings clear, I told him I wasn't interested in him that way would just like to be friends.

Guy B

is best friends with Guy A

i have strong feelings for Guy B and he knows it as I've been honest and upfront with both guys.

Guy B has just bought a house and Guy A will be renting a room from Guy B.

Guy B has met up with me a couple of times but we have kept it as friends for the time being

Guy B has told me if Guy A wasn't in the equation then how would definitely date me
but becuase guy A had such strong feelings for me Guy B doesn't want to get into a relationship with me incase he loses his best friend.

im reay annoyed with both guys as I've been honest from day one

I have never dated or been interested in Guy A
and I've only chatted to him for a week or two and he's acting like I've been in a relationship with him?

im also annoyed with Guy B as we have done nothing wrong and his friend should be happy for us, he needs to step up and stop making so many sacrifices for Guy A

or am I in the wrong here? I feel like I'm getting so many mixed messages I don't know what to do?
But I really like Guy B!

  • Should Guy B to date me anyway no matter what Guy A thinks or feels?
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  • Should I walk away?
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What Guys Said 2

  • Forget them both n leave them n find someone better n you can easily find anyone bc love is in the air 😊

  • yeah guy b probably likes you but he is not going to violate bro code. especially since they are going to live together


What Girls Said 3

  • Just leave them both alone. That situation could cause all of guys to not be friends anymore. As hard as it may be, you have to leave that alone

  • Guy B doesn't want to lose his friend. I understand him.

    • I get that too and I don't want them to fall out

      Guy B keeps giving me mixed signals

  • go with guy b.

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