How to approach him if I broke it off with him? I made a mistake and is there a chance to correct it?

We were not a couple but i decided to break it off with him because i felt insecure that he's still dating other girls.

We had connection but our situation was a bit difficult so i ended it. Now, when i've finally accepted all the things (he's dating/having sex with others, he doesn't want relationship) i want to contact him again but i dont know how to approach him. I broke it off quite strongly with him.

Or is it even worth trying?


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  • You made the right move. Don't undo it.

    • Really. Why is that?

    • If he took you seriously, he would not sideline you by dating other women. I presume you would like a relationship. Perhaps I am presuming too much.

      But consider this. Time is always passing. You might be overlooking some other really good guy because you are wasting yourself on this fellow.

    • True. It meant that i wasn't enough for him to stop dating other girls. I honestly dont want relationship cause he doesn't give me the impression of a "boyfriend" its just that we really had a good time together.

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  • tell him that you regret it and want him back.

    • I dont really want to say that i regret it. Is there any other way?

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